Social Media Marketing Best Practices for Business Owners and Social Media Managers

There are a few simple but very effective things that you can do to not only save enormous amounts of time but also to increase your efficiency and marketing performance. I’ve listed some of those best practices in this article for you, so that you can simply take and use the information to outperform every competitor who’s not following it.

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But now let’s dive right into the best practices I prepared for you!

Schedule your posts

There are many great reasons why you should be scheduling your posts, especially as a business owner and Social Media Manager. Let’s have a look at some of the most important ones:

1. You’ll never experience „What should I post today?!“ again

If it ever happened to you that you had no idea what you should be posting on any given day, then you know the struggle well to come up with an idea on the go and how looong it can take until you can think of something.

This is especially annoying if many other tasks are waiting to get done. When you schedule out your content, then you have to push a couple of buttons to publish what you already prepared, in the worst case.

Most posts can be published completely automatically.

2. You’ll never forget to post again

Did you ever have so much to do that you didn’t even know where to begin in the first place? It’s SO easy to simply forget about the Social Media Posts when you’re rushing to get your tasks done or if you have many appointments.

Maybe you’re thinking something like: „Well so what, it’s not a problem if I forget to post every once in a while.“ now.

Then I unfortunately have to tell you that it is much more harmful than you think. Social Media Accounts are one of the first things a new potential customer will look at. Many of them might even follow you for a long time before they purchase and if they see that you’re inconsistent with your efforts, well, what does that say about your business?

Or to be more precise, it breaks trust and can increase the chance that they’ll buy somewhere else. This is one of the reasons why posting consistently on Social Media is so crucial.

3. You can create and schedule all your content on one platform

This can be a huge time saver and can make your life so much easier, especially if you’re managing more than 1 profile for your business or your clients. This is time that you can use to take care of other tasks or even to take time off.

Who doesn’t like having more free time?

And by the way, if you’ve heard the myth that 3rd party scheduling tools are decreasing your reach, then I want to recommend you watching this video:

Find out the truth about the decreased reach of your Posts because of 3rd party Tools.

Automate processes and content

Let’s have a look at the next Social Media Best Practice for Social Media Manager and Business Owner. Automating your processes and even your content will help you to free up huge amounts of time and energy that you would’ve spent on tasks like scheduling appointments, creating and sending reports and even on posting.

This means that with automating as many processes as possible, you’ll save lots of time and energy while simultaneously increasing your efficiency and even your revenue because you can spend time on revenue generating tasks.

This could mean investing in tools like Acuity or Calendly to automate your appointments or a tool like Metricool* to automate your content and reporting.

The great thing about Metricool is that you can set up Auto-Lists for your content. For example, you could create a list for your evergreen content or FAQ that is constantly rotating without you doing anything. Well except of setting up the auto list, of course.

Analyze your efforts

Analyzing your efforts is not only a best practice but also absolutely crucial for your Social Media Marketing success and also for every other marketing effort of your business. Because without measuring and analyzing your posts you could potentially waste A LOT of your precious time on the wrong kind of content.

If you do analyze your content, then you can gain valuable insights into which kind of content and topics your audience is interested in the most. This information can help a lot to craft much better content. This again can help you to increase your reach, your engagement, your follower growth and most importantly, your conversions.

The problem here is that many Social Media Platforms only offer very limited analytics and insights into your content or that they’re challenging to read and understand.

So having a tool which is providing you all the analytics you need to find the content that resonated the best with your following is very valuable. The good thing is, that you usually have build in analytics in the 3rd Party Scheduling Tools.

From all the Tools I’ve tried so far (and I’ve tried MANY), Metricool* has one of the most comprehensive and easy to understand analytics.

It’s even possible to add your competitors in your analytics dashboard to see what’s working for them and how your accounts is doing compared to them. In addition, you can create gorgeous reports with the click of a button and even customize them fully or integrate them into the Google Data Studio (Paid plans only.)

If you want to see how the analytics look like and even learn how you can grow and scale your (clients) business, then you want to make sure to watch this video.


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Metricool is a powerful Social Media Scheduling and Analytics Tool


There are many best practices for your Social Media Marketing but if only follow the ones I outlined in this article, then you already can get ahead of your competition.

Having a 3rd Party scheduling Tool like Metricool* or another one and be a huge time and energy saver and can also help you to create better content, which can increase your growth and conversions.

For this reason, I highly suggest you to have a look at it (also because it’s also very cost-effective compared to many other tools).

Do you know other best practices or tools that made your life much easier? Share them in the comments!

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