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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing are two of the most important Marketing Channels for every business. Regardless if you run local stores or if you have an online business. Leveraging SEO and Social Media means growth and leaving your competition behind.


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Local Businesses

Leveraging Local SEO, Google My Business and other Social Media Platforms can make a huge difference between getting more business or losing business to your competitors.

E-Commerce Businesses

There are countless shops and vendors out there. If you want to stand out, find more customers and increase their lifetime value, then Social Media Marketing is the way to go for you.

Coaches & Consultants

The only way you can support people to live their best lives and overcome their obstacles is by being found. Social Media and Blogging will help you to create the impact you want to have.

International Businesses

Nothing you say stays unnoticed. Having a professional, monitored Social Media Appearance and optimized Website will help to increase growth and customer satisfaction enormously.

Dennis Lenhardt - Digital Marketer, Social Media Manager, SEO and Blogging Expert


I'm Dennis,

Former receptionist, passionate traveler, NLP Master, Hypnotist and Top Marketer. I've bootstrapped my business in Thailand and since then, helped my clients to reach several hundred millions of people, get on Googles #1 page multiple times and to grow massively in many ways.

I also love coffee (Vietnamese coffee is THE best), food in all forms, tech and I'm probably one of the most responsible, curious and dedicated people you'll meet.

You can be sure that I'll give you and your business my all, which is why I'm carefully selecting my partner.

Dennis Lenhardt (he/him)

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How To Get Started


Request to work with me or book your free initial consultation if you
have questions.


I'll review your request and invite you to set up an appointment with me, if I think we are a good fit.


We jump on a call together so that I can learn more about your goals and challenges, to see how I can support you.


I'll prepare your proposal with several options to choose from. Once you've signed, we'll arrange your kick-off call.

30 Days Of Social Media Post Ideas For Local Businesses

Are you wasting hours with wondering what you're supposed to talk about on your Social Media Platforms?

Then this free resource will save you!

Download it now to receive 30 Days of Social Media Post ideas for your business!

VIP-Treatment Guarantee

All of my customers will receive the VIP-Treatment. You and your business are unique and deserve to be treated with care and not like an afterthought or just another number in a CRM System, which could be replaced anytime.

I've been recognized as one of Germany's top companies for service orientation and customer happiness, and this guarantee is the reason.

Fast response times

I'll always reply within 24 to 36 hours to communication, unless stated otherwise.

Personal contact

You'll always talk to me directly. I'll take care of your business and your requests.

Your unfair advantage

What would you say if I told you that you could hire over 150 Marketing Experts, who already worked with major names, in all different industries, for the investment of 1?

It might sound crazy but this is exactly what you get if you hire me to support you.

I'm a member of the Social Clique, Rachel Pedersens High-End Mentoring and Mastermind Group. This group comprised of some of the world's top marketers, is an amazing place where we support and update each other where we can.

I have hundreds of years of marketing knowledge and experience at my fingertips and so do you.

Massive growth for every client

I helped my clients to grow massively on many platforms and in several industries. Some of the greatest wins include:

  • Helped to generate 491% more Views on Google My Business in 28 Days
  • Increased the amount of Website visits from Google My Business by 300% and the number of calls by 800%
  • Several of my clients YouTube videos crossed 1 thousand Views after only 5 months
  • One of those videos receives over 251 views in 48 hours
  • I helped to generate 90,645 Impressions and 10,220 video views on a previously dead YouTube Channel with only 5 Followers in 7 months
  • One of the Facebook posts I published for my clients reached 50,203 people, on a page with 9,436 Followers, no ads were involved
  • Increase website traffic by 3,160% from a single Instagram post (no ads, not a give-away)
  • Grew a Pinterest Account to an average of 2 Million Impressions per month
  • 5 blog posts ranking on Googles #1 page

Over 4 years of hands-on experience

There's something that no certification or apprenticeship will deliver and that's hands-on experience. 

In addition to numerous certifications, I have 4 years of hands-on experience in creating content, working with the platforms and growing my client's businesses.

This means that you can rely on robust systems and strategies that work.

Real Success Stories

For more than two years, Dennis worked as a freelancer at regular intervals in our company EcoYou.

He has supported us in various projects and as a social media supervisor and has made a significant contribution to its success.

During our collaboration, we got to know him as an extremely reliable, competent and committed person and appreciated him for that.

For these reasons, we consider him to be well-qualified and would like to recommend him to potential clients as a service provider without reservation.


CEO/Co-Founder of EcoYou

[...] Among other things, what I appreciate about him:

  • the clear structure of his work
  • his good questions
  • his clear communication
  • his brilliant time management
  • his calming charisma
  • his absolute reliability

[...] In a short time my YouTube channel was reanimated and the first videos were edited and published. His work relieves my core business, the video creation and delivering the content. I will continue to work with Dennis and I recommend him and his work, out of conviction.


Lecturer, author and trainer for palliative care

Dozentin, Autorin und Trainerin für Palliative Care YouTube Marketing

I can only recommend Dennis. I was enthusiastic about his appreciative and professional manner, and I will use other services from Dennis.

Dr. Jens

Management trainer, health expert, keynote speaker

Latest Case Studies


Instagram Case Study
  • 1,407% more Website visitor through a single post
  • The importance to use the right content at the right time
  • Short-term and long-term growth


Pinterest Case Study
  • 21,169,197 potential new customers in 6 months
  • 199,144 clicks on content to get to the website and shop
  • Seasonal content on Pinterest


Facebook Case Study
  • See examples of how Mini-Virality on Social Media can look like 
  • The importance of posting great content regularly
  • 3 keys of great content


Download my free On-Page SEO Checklist with 61 points, that will help you to move closer to Googles 1st page. You'll receive:

  • Checklist with 61 points to tick off and space for notes
  • Clear steps for a better ranking
  • The exact steps I used to take my customers to Google's 1st page

So, what are you waiting for?


Virtual Assistant for Coaches, Trainer & Consultants

I highly recommend Dennis's advice. He has in-depth expertise and was able to answer all of my questions. He also takes the time to give advice and explains everything in a way that is easy to understand, so that my problems were solved in the end and I gained new knowledge. Thank you so much:)


Artist and Workshop-Leader

Dennis sees the details and can convey his tips with total appreciation. I am very grateful for his helpful tips! And most importantly: He is super nice and personable, you would like to invite him directly to drink coffee!


Chef and Micro-Influencer

I can totally recommend Dennis and his work on social media! He puts in a lot of effort and works in a structured manner! With this likeable man you are in more than just good hands!

Here is some content that might serve you:

Frequently asked questions

About Our services

Which SEO services do you offer?

Just to name a few: 

  • Technical/On-Page SEO (e.g. increase your page speed) 
  • SEO Writing
  • SEO Audits 
  • Keyword Research 
  • (Blog) Content optimization 
  • Off-Page SEO like Citation management or Backlink strategy 
  • Local SEO including Google My Business set up, optimization and management
  • Google Analytics integration & Setup 
  • Consultation & Training

Is there something missing for you? E-mail me to or book your free initial consultation below.

Which Social Media services do you offer?

Everything you can think of:

  • Profile creation and optimization
  • Content creation
  • Video editing
  • Social Media Audits
  • Strategy
  • Community Management
  • Full-Management
  • Consultation & Training

So far, I've worked with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google My Business.

Is there something missing for you? E-mail me to or book your free initial consultation below.

Are you also offering other Services like E-Mail Marketing?

Indeed. I can also support you with E-Mail Marketing and Automation, Funnel Audits and Optimization and other services.

I mostly worked with SendinBlue and Mailchimp so far, but I'm happy to have look into your system if you use a different one.  

Do you have more questions? E-mail me to or book your free initial consultation below.

What do you charge for services?

That totally depends on which services you're looking for and how much support you need.

It can be as little as 147,- Euro for setting up and optimizing a Social Media Account and can go up to multiple 4 figures per month, if you need Full-Management for several Social Media Platforms with 5+ posts per week.

SEO services also depend on the size of your website.

Do you have more questions? E-mail me to or book your free initial consultation below.

About working together

How will the communication look like?

Currently, I'm communicating over E-Mail and Zoom with my clients. I usually reply within 24 to 36 hours, except for my days off or on special occasions like holidays or trainings. I always communicate special occasions in advance, and I expect you to do the same. If you prefer communication over a different channel like Slack or Microsoft Teams, then I'm happy to join your server.

What if I need more help?

I'm always happy to help you more if you need more help. If you need something done that's not part of the contract, then you can simply ask me, and I'll create another proposal for you. :)

What if I'm not happy?

I'm always open for constructive criticisms and feedback. If I did or created something that you're not happy with, then you can tell me anytime and I'll fix it or take it into account next time (e.g. when it comes to content creation).

Besides that, I'm offering a 0-Risk contract. Every contract can be terminated by either party with one month's notice to the end of the month, unless we agreed on something else.

About Our Brand

How are you different from other Freelancers or Agencies?

You'll hardly find another Freelancer or Agency that will care more about you and your business than I do.

I take the 5-Star Superior Service I learned while serving celebrities and top managers in a former Leading Hotel of the World and apply it to you and your business. 

Have you worked with international clients already?

Yes, I've already worked with clients in Austria, Portugal, Italy, Liechtenstein and with clients while they were traveling in Thailand, Indonesia and other countries.

Do you have a portfolio?

Yes, you can view it here: Click here

Side note: Since the privacy of my clients is extremely important to me and because every company is different, you won't find examples of Social Media posts or accounts I managed in the Portfolio. If necessary, I am happy to discuss and create a paid trial project.

How big is the team?

Currently, I'm the whole team. :)