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I'm Dennis, a top business owner who has been recognized for service orientation and customer satisfaction and an expert in social media marketing and blogging/SEO. I love helping other business owners to get more profit and time by planning proven strategies for them and taking over the management of their platforms or advising them.

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Only a few gets accepted to join after a multi-part application process.

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My Story

This was the last time, that I'll be employed ...

I swore myself, when my contract was running out. I had enough of other people dictating how I should behave, how I should look, when I'll have free time, when I'm allowed to have holiday or even worse ... if I'm allowed to attend important events in my life or with my family.

I had enough to work for a very limited income and burn myself out for others.

So, I decided to start my own company, even though I had no idea what I wanted to do, initially. It was terrifying for me because I had no one I could turn to, no one I could ask questions, no one to support me. 

Nevertheless, I tried a lot, worked a lot and learned a lot, certain that I'll find a way to make it ... and then, one day, I stumbled upon Social Media Marketing.

I quickly noticed how much I love growing accounts, supporting people and even more importantly I absolutely fall in love with all the possibilities Social Media is offering and how effective it can be if it's done right.

From that day, I continued learning about Social Media, Paid Ads, Sales Funnel and so much more, amazed about all the available and insanely effective ways to grow a business. 

And this is how I found my passion ...

Content Marketing Social Media Marketing Social Marketing

Growing companies is my passion

And as everyone who's passionate about something ...

I'm thrilled and proud to talk about what I achieved for my clients and for myself already. Some of my wins are:

  • Generating way over 45 Million Impressions, 1.95 Million Interactions and 500.000 Clicks in the past 365 days
  • Several posts going viral and mini viral on Facebook and Instagram
  • Reaching 1038 people organically, with a single post on Facebook, on a page with only 2 followers
  • Increasing website visitors by 1407% with a single post on Instagram
  • Tripled my revenue in a single month and almost doubled this amount the month after
  • Becoming a member of the "Social Clique" 
  • And so much more

Latest Case Studies

Virality on Facebook: Multiplied organic reach and explosive engagement

Delivering high-quality Content daily can be a big challenge. In this case study you'll be able to read about 3 keys of great content. You'll also see how it can look like if a post goes viral and the massive results of posting great content regularly. 

1407% more website visitors through a single Instagram post

Using the right content, at the right time can have a huge impact on your business. Short-term and/or long-term. Visit this case study to read how I created a huge short-term impact and insane growth in website visitors.

21,169,197 potential new customers in around 6 months on Pinterest

Pinterest can be an immensely effective traffic, brand awareness and sales machine if it's used properly. See for yourself how it can look like if you tap into it's power, generating millions of potential new customers and thousands of clicks. 

Look at what past clients

have to say:

Dozentin, Autorin und Trainerin für Palliative Care YouTube Marketing

Lecturer, author and trainer for palliative care

In a short time my YouTube channel was reanimated and the first videos were edited and published. 

[...] Among other things, what I appreciate about him:

  • the clear structure of his work
  • his good questions
  • his clear communication
  • his brilliant time management
  • his calming charisma
  • his absolute reliability

[...] In a short time my YouTube channel was reanimated and the first videos were edited and published. His work relieves my core business, the video creation and delivering the content. I will continue to work with Dennis and I recommend him and his work out of conviction.



He helped me a lot to grow my social media!

Dennis helped me a lot to grow my social media channels.
He explained everything very well and provided great examples so that I, as a layperson, could also work with his advice ... I really thank you for your great work ... Highly recommended ... :)


Artist and Workshop-Leader

A recommendation from the heart!

Dennis sees the details and can convey his tips with total appreciation. I am very grateful for his helpful tips! And most importantly: He is super nice and personable, you would like to invite him directly to drink coffee!


Chef and Micro-Influencer

I can totally recommend Dennis!

I can totally recommend Dennis and his work on social media! He puts in a lot of effort and works in a structured manner! With this likeable man you are in more than just good hands!


Virtual Assistant for Coaches, Trainer & Consultants

He had answers to all of my questions!

I highly recommend Dennis's advice. He has in-depth expertise and was able to answer all of my questions. He also takes the time to give advice and explains everything in a way that is easy to understand, so that my problems were solved in the end and I gained new knowledge. Thank you so much:)


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