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A recommendation from the heart!

Dennis sees the details and can convey his tips with total appreciation. I am very grateful for his helpful tips! And most importantly: He is super nice and personable, you would like to invite him directly to drink coffee!

Dennis Lenhardt

Digital Marketer

What You’ll Get During This Free Consultation Call

During your appointment we will talk about the topics and challenges that concern you the most relating to your Social Media Marketing. It is my goal to show you new options for actions and solutions with which you can achieve your goals more easily and efficiently.

What Happens Before the Call

I will use your information to get an overview of your situation and analyze your current efforts as much as possible.

What Happens During the Call

We will talk in more detail about your desired topic, the results of my analysis and potential solutions for you.

What Changes After the Call

You will know at least 1 new way and have information that can support you to achieve your goals more easily and efficiently.

About Dennis Lenhardt

I am an NLP master, hypnosis expert and digital marketer who helps my clients generate millions of impressions, thousands of clicks and a ton of new followers and potential customers every month. I'm also part of a high-end mastermind and mentoring group that consists of some of the best marketers in the world. I aim to support my customers in the best possible way to achieve their goals and to offer them a great experience.

Why They Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call


I can totally recommend Dennis and his work on social media! He puts in a lot of effort and works in a structured manner! With this likeable man you are in more than just good hands!


Dennis helped me a lot to grow my social media channels. 
He explained everything very well and provided great examples so that I, as a layperson, could also work with his advice ... I really thank you for your great work ... Highly recommended ...


I highly recommend Dennis's advice. He has in-depth expertise and was able to answer all of my questions. He also takes the time to give advice and explains everything in a way that is easy to understand, so that my problems were solved in the end and I gained new knowledge. Thank you so much:)

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